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This Means:

  • You will greatly increase your chances of securing any visa type in any country of your choice whether for business trips, tourism or settlement visas.
  • You can monetize this skill or knowledge to genuinely help other visa applicants in securing their visas.
  • You will never have to pay thousands of dollars to an agent to help out with your visa application again.
  • You will never have to lose money to unqualified agents when applying for any of these visas again.
  • If you are a tour operator, you can sell your knowledge in “securing visas” as an added service to increase your income and boost your confidence in your business.

If any of these is what you’ve been looking for then…

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The A - Z Visa Bundle For Turkish, South African & Moroccan Visas

Curated by award-winning travel organization, CMD Tours & Travels.

This Contains:

  • 40min masterclasses each on how to create the best visa applications for each of these countries (Turkey, S.A and Morocco)
  • A checklist on the Step by step required documentation for different visa applications.
  • A detailed guideline on how to fill your visa application forms, the acceptable bookings for hotels, how and when to book your appointments, interview do’s and don’ts, and how to answer questions during the interviews.
  • Access to 3 recorded videos with 3 tourism leaders for Turkey, S.A and Morocco sharing uncommon information on how to secure their visa with ease.
  • Access to a 1 hour live Q & A session with our visa experts to ask every unanswered question you may still have.
  • And qualify to participate in a raffle draw to win a FREE flight ticket to any of these countries.

I will put you to a challenge.

Show me a more fantastic knowledge product on how to secure any visa to foreign countries. I will wait.

Every single item or feature of our visa bundle was specially put together to…

Address any challenge that the average man may encounter when handling their visa applications on their own.

With all the information and guidelines in these videos…

You can even function effectively as a visa agent….as long as Turkish, S.A and Moroccan visas are concerned.

There’ll be prices to be won

Top ranked Affiliate wins 1 Free Ticket to Travel to Morocco with 1 person buying under that affiliate.

The 2nd runner wins a 3days night in an hotel in Nigeria with 1 person buying under that affiliate.

Still in doubt?

Here's What People Are Saying About The A - Z Visa Bundle.

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John Doe

But you might still have a few questions in mind like…

Who Is This Product For?

Should I be honest with you?


As long as you’ll need to apply for or help someone with their visa applications.

This product will help you create visa applications that would be almost impossible for them to reject.


If You Now Happen To Fall Into Any Of The Following Categories…

Then This Bundle Is A Must Have For You.

Travel Lovers

Travel Bloggers

Tour Operators

Trip Planners

Visa Agents

Travel Companies

Looking To Build A Career In Visa Securing Services 

And Many Others.

Two men

The moment you purchase your copy of the visa securing cheat bundle

Here's What To Expect:

  1. After paying, you get a one-time download link to download all the resources in the product suite.
  2. Next thing is to go over the checklists, guidelines, master classes and bonus video sessions.
  3. A live Q & A session is scheduled so you can join in to get your questions answered.
  4. You can go over the resources one more time as you begin your visa application, ticking all the boxes along the line till your application is completed.
  5. With this information, you’ll be able to create an error-free application without any gaps thereby increasing your chances of securing your visa in one trial.
  6. It doesn’t end there. Going forward, you will be able to create perfect visa applications that would be difficult to reject… whether for yourself or others.
  7. There’s still more. You automatically qualify to participate in our FREE flight raffle ticket worth hundreds of thousands of naira.

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CMD TOURS Is Currently Running a 40% Discount on this product.

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The better part is…

This Information is the” Visa-securing Cheat Bundle” not limited to just these 3 countries…

It is also a perfect guide when applying for visas to any other country of the world.

Visa application form

Even if you pay the original price this product will still be 10X more than the original price.

In all fairness, think of all the hard work our product developers had to go through to put this together.

The attention to detail.

Several hours of brainstorming.

Getting this at N13,900 today is simply a steal


Going Forward You Will…

Confidently prepare winning visa applications from A-Z either for yourself or others.

Eliminate thousands of dollars spent on agent fees doing what you already know.

Monetize this knowledge and genuinely help other individuals who will pay for your service.

Avoid falling into the hands of unprofessional agents who only want your money.

Travel for your business and travel trips whenever you want.

Understand the nitty-gritty of visa procedures at embassies.

Know all the requirements for Visa applications.

Know all the important supporting documents to add to your visa application.

Know how to fill your visa application forms correctly; what to write and what not to write.

Know how to comport yourself during visa interviews.

Know to answer questions during your visa interviews.

Know all the likely questions that could be thrown at you during visa interviews.

Now tell me if all of this knowledge is not worth 100X more than N13,900.

I’ll leave the answer to you.


If you want to know all it takes to produce fantastic visa applications…


No, it is not.

Although, the core of this cheat bundle goes into greater detail in securing Turkish, South African, and Moroccan visas…

This product suite still contains information that applies to securing visas in any country of the world.

Not at all.

This is the ultimate product to help you create fantastic visa applications for any visa type and in any country of your choice.

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