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If you had to make a list of African Countries of free thinkers and innovators, you would DEFINITELY mention the Arab State of Tunisia.

Not only are they one of the most heavily educated countries in Africa (with over 80% literacy levels), but they are also one of the most powerful export countries you’ll ever find on the continent.

Tunisia is a powerhouse for African exportation.

And it makes perfect sense!- They’re literally positioned at the highest tip of the continent, just under the Mediterranean Sea

And this location has paid off BIG!

Between being a member of the African Free Trade Union, and bordering 3 different continents, Tunisia has become one of the most efficient distribution points for trade between Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

And even beyond all this, because over 70% of Tunisia’s exports are to Europe and Eastern Africa, the government has fine tuned its shipping systems, to the point of establishing an Act to streamline all port authorities, government bodies, and customs into a single structure to ensure the easy traceability of all shipments. AND allowing all this to be done electronically, drastically reducing the time spent in ports physically clearing goods.

Seriously, Tunisia is the international traders dream.

Looking for cheaper and more efficient export/investment options across the world?

Tunisia is the place to do business.

CMD Tunisia Tour

But we’re not going to stop there.We still plan to show you why Tunisia is the country to do business across Europe and Africa, and what industries stand to make the most profit with the country.

And there’s a lot, so get out your notes and pens, you’re about to get busy.

1. Textiles, fabrics and apparel

Through its history, the availability of low-cost labor, and close collaboration with European investors has made textiles and apparels the largest industry in the country, And the highest job provider too. That’s exactly why the Tunisian government constantly lends full support to the development of that sector.

If you’re looking to be a successful contributor to the textile, apparel and fashion industry in Africa long term, Tunisia is the place to do business.

2. Agriculture and renewable energy

Listen, Tunisia, is, BEAUTIFUL.
But it’s also beautiful for a reason. Because of its location and ecosystem, multiple landscapes are able to collide into one country.

Mountains, sea shores, deserts, and plains harmoniously unite in this one region. Creating a variety of landscapes that are hard to find in one nation alone. That, along with over 300 days of sunshine a year, allows the land to constantly put out fresh and exotic agriculture.

Dates, figs, olive oils, berries, nobody does these better than Tunisia. It also produces between 3-400,000 hectoliters of wine yearly. (It’s a predominantly muslim state, yes. But still). Even with that, from the 300 days of sunshine to sea winds, the potential for renewable energy within Tunisia is also very great and still largely untapped. The country has been exporting energy to Europe since 1983. That says a lot.

Looking for renewable energy or flexible agriculture solutions? You know where to go

3. Health & Education

Now, this is where it gets good. Like, inspirational kind of good. After their independence in 1956, the government of Tunisia established that health and education would be given the highest level of priority for the country.

Not crude oil. Not energy. Not tech. Health, and education.

From leading the Arab Spring, to equalizing rights between men and women, to primary focus on health and education, it’s starting to get obvious that the countries’ dedication to the social needs of the people seems to have started paying off.

Because TODAY, pharmaceutical production within Tunisia has far surpassed most other African countries.
To the point where the country is efficient enough to locally handle 50% of its own pharmaceutical needs. Along with a high and growing degree of pharmaceutical exports to the rest of the world. If you need to innovate in health and pharmaceuticals, partnering with Tunisia is the way to go!

4. Building/automobile Construction and IT

We’ve said a lot about this country. But arguably one of the other most inspirational things about it is the dedication to building, and creation.

Whether it’s Building Construction – 80% of Tunisians own their own homes.
Automotive Innovation – The second largest producer of automobile spare parts in Africa.
Or IT – the country (being dedicated to social improvement and education) has established dozens of tech. Points, cyber parks and established laws to allow ease of tech growth.

There you have it, a breakdown of what we consider the number one export point in Africa, or maybe even the next Dubai. And it’s because we believe this that we set up the all-inclusive trip just for you. To connect you to the industry leaders, the change makers, the tech gurus, tour guides, and the innovators shaking up Tunisia.

So, If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and begin your partnership/journey with the number one distribution point on the continent, click the link below to reserve your spin on the next trip!

Package Includes: Return Ticket | Hotel Accommodation | Visa Assistance | Airport Transfer | B2B Meetings within sectors