Unlock a New Growth Sector in Your Skincare Business

Travel to find inspiration and build connections for your business from one of the biggest skincare markets in the world – Morocco. Learn the latest innovations and build the best partnerships for your business this June.

About CMD Morocco B2B Workshop

CMD Tour is a leading destination marketing agency, we help countries promote tourism and business opportunities in the Nigerian market and across Africa. We are recognized for breaking boundaries for you and your business.
In light of this, we are bringing to you Morocco B2B skincare products on the 5th of June 2022.

Why Morocco? Morocco ships over 25% of the key ingredients of 10 of the top skincare brands in the world, brands that generate over 5 billion dollars. 

So if you’re looking for new ingredients, new ideas, or to understand new ways to increase your portfolio, Morocco provides a cost-effective source for you.

We have negotiated VIP access to the key players, partnered with the Moroccan government, and reduced the cost of access by over 60%. It honestly does not get better than this. But there is more. After all, that business, relax in a 4-star hotel, enjoy some of the best cuisines in the Middle East, and plan how you will spend the millions of dollars you are about to unlock in your business.

Workshop Experience & Activities

CMD offers you a comprehensive package to gain first-hand experience in the Moroccan skincare markek. 

During this tour, you’ll experience:

Get to learn

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Package Coverage

This package will cover:

Join the CMD Morocco skincare workshop - It's the perfect destination to discover revolutionary ideas in skincare.