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Cecile Mambo

Founder, CMD Tours

More about the Founder of CMD Tours

Bonjour! My name is Cecile Mambo, Founder and current Managing Director of CMD Tours. My first unaccompanied trip was at 16 to Kribi- a beautiful beach resort southwest of Cameroun. As a young teenager, I loved travelling, but it was not until 2005 that a trip to the beautiful country of Mali will drive my passion to birth CMDtours.

It was a hot day in Timbuktu and a trip to the store for a bottle of water quenched my thirst but also sparked my curiosity-why are there no sachet packs of water? Can everyone afford bottled water? What if we got people to come invest and produce packs in Mali? Questions that will push me to earn a degree in financial investment. Mix that with a passion for traveling to discover new countries and voila!
CMDtours is born in 2015.

Why Choose CMD Tours?

As a company passionate about promoting trade and tourism in other countries, we understand that language might be a barrier for connections. Whether you are, a Country, Tourism Organization , Embassy or Trade agency, Our Multilingual team fluent in ten languages is here to ensure that there is no communication gap in introducing your destination to your target market thereby giving you maximum value for the required boost your Country requires

Whether you are marveling at 2000-year-old rock engravings in Twyfelfontein or having your first taste of a Brik in Tunis, with us, every experience will fascinate and excite your wanderlust.

Simply put, no one does it better!!!!Our team consists of some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the field of travel, finance, and investments. With us, you are assured of excellent service delivery, attention to detail and informed guidance.


To promote tourism and trade opportunities in various countries while connecting people across Africa via familiarization trips, Business vacations, food tours and B2B travel.


To be the leading travel company recognized in creating access to countries for tourism and business with the aim to enhance economic growth amidst an excellent customer service.

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